Mobile Juicing History Timeline

Mobile Juicing history is a tale of learning, growing and pursuing the path to perfection.  The account below is but a scratch on the surface of our whole story.  If you find it interesting, lets talk over a glass of juice one day.


April 2012 – Incorporation date

Summer 2012

  • We Bought some apples to practice our skills.  Thank you to the BX Press for allowing us to use their space!

Fall 2012

  • We ran the pack press (aka rack and cloth) and gravity fed filler at about 300 L/hr. for as many orchards that would have us.
  • Growers had to shovel their fruit to the elevator
  • We were new to the industry and had a very basic food safe plan, approved by interior health and satisfied the CFIA.
  • We got certified by PACS in early September to ensure we could cater to organic growers


juicing Story Mobile Juicing
What a team!

Fall 2013

  • Team Trovato ran the machine full time and devised a plan for more efficient pressing.
  • We started working with a new cardboard supplier to make sure the boxes retained their shape, presented well and satisfied client needs
  • We also offered custom printing on the boxes.

Winter 2013/14

  • We purchased a destoner and a belt press to re-model our machine for increased efficiency (and effectiveness!)


Summer 2014

pulping pureeing blueberries
Hand loading blueberries into the destoner.
  • Bring on the cherries! First Cherry season was a success, we did lots of berries too!

Fall 2014

  • Hooray for the belt press – @ 500L/hr we are in love, but our pasteurizer can’t keep up. Let’s streamline this whole trailer!

Winter 2014/15

  • Sell trailer #1
  • Ordered a full Kreuzmayr trailer with a BIN TIPPER, washing elevator, destoner, bigger belt press (750L/hr),  a higher capacity pasteurizer (800L/hr) and force-fill bagger!
  • Started working with a very reliable cardboard supplier (continued to present day)
  • Started selling machines for Kreuzmayr in the North American market


Summer 2015

  • New trailer arrived late and we missed much of the cherry season!

Fall 2015

  • New machine lived up to it’s capacity and served everyone well.
  • With the force-filler we were able to introduce smaller, pouch style packaging.

Winter 2016

  • We improved our food safe program to keep up with new BC regulatory requirements and were introduced to the idea of HACCP certification
  • Sold more machines for Kreuzmayr…hmmmm


Spring 2016

  • Incorporated Juicing.Systems, our sister company specializing in Fruit and Beverage Processing Solutions and got the contract for North American Distribution!

Summer 2016

  • Ran a full cherry season, as well as peaches, apricots and all berries.

Fall 2016

  • Helping all of our apple juicing and cider clients to our full capacity, time to up our capacity again?

Winter 1016/17

  • Sold Trailer #2 and ordered #3 for higher capacity one more time.


Spring 2017

  • The biggest, baddest of all Mobile Juice trailers arrives!
  • mobile juice trailer
    The triple axle beast, lovingly named “Optimus Nectar”
  • Pursued the Post Farm Traceability and Food Safety Program.
  • Purchased a storage facility for our ever-increasing packaging requirements as well as office and storage space for Juicing.Systems

Summer 2017

  • Hired 4 full time staff
  • Crushed hundreds of thousands of pounds of stone fruits! Destoning capacity to 5000lb/h
  • Pressing capacity to 2000L/hr
  • Pasteurizing capacity to 1500L/hr

Fall 2017

  • Pressed hundreds of thousand of pounds of apples
  • Successfully completed the HACCP plan verification audit!HACCP Certification


looking forward to more…