three liter cherry box in a red design and a 3 liter apple box in a green design
3L Cherry and 3L Apple box

The packaging machine is a one-of-kind bag in box filler.  It has the capacity to fill any size packaging at an optimal speed of 1200L/hr.

We pride ourselves on being flexible with our client’s needs.  Size options range from 1.75 L to 1000L Bag-in-Box.  We only use trusted suppliers to ensure safety, preservation, and presentation.

Our standard box design contains information including quantity and instructions for use, but we always leave room for branding and nutritional labels.  Custom printing is also available for larger orders.

The inner liner preserves the juice for 12 months at room temperature.  It has a one-way dispensing valve that ensures fresh-tasting juice for 2 months after opening.