About Okanagan Mobile Juicing

Who We Are

We are committed to providing a service that promotes local economical, environmental and cultural sustainability and strive to continually improve our practices.

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Remo and Kristen

We have come to learn the struggle that growers in the Okanagan face every year; low prices for fruit, increased prices for services, no government support be it from lack of subsidies or refusing to establish anti-dumping tariffs on imported fruit.

We hope that by providing an alternative, value-added product for growers, we can also provide a small growth to their income.  Hopefully this will result in growers keeping their orchards and continue to grow the fruit that the Okanagan is known for, therefore sustaining our culture, our economy and our environment.  Not to mention that it’s in our best interest that the growers are doing well! See the circle?

* Please note that we do not publish our prices to protect our clients interests.  Please contact us and we will e-mail you the price list.