Booking Requirements

Please read the following booking requirements to ensure a successful juicing day.

We pride ourselves on providing you with excellent service and a high quality product for resale. To achieve this, we ask for your commitment in selecting quality fruit that will make the best juice.

  • Fruit should be clean and ripe
  • No bruised or mouldy fruit
  • No ground falls
  • No dirt or leaves

The best apple juices are a combination of varieties and flavours and are pressed within a week of picking. Consider the acidity of the apples when selecting which ones to juice, a mix with tart varieties will have better results and storage life due to the higher acidity.

Cherries should be as fresh as possible for juicing as that is when they have the highest acidity. Peaches and apricots are best to wait until they are very ripe and soft, but not mouldy. For thawing frozen fruit, please see the thawing instructions on our website.

We reserve the right to stop the process if the fruit is not suitable and you will be charged a booking fee of $500.

YOU will need:

A minimum of 8000 lbs (10 bins) of clean and crisp apples or a minimum 5000 lbs cherries or berries. Please pre-mix the varieties, as the bin-dumper can only load one bin at a time.

At least ONE labourer with tractor to move bins of fruit, mash and finished product. If bottling, at least THREE helpers will be required.

An appropriate method to dispose of the mash. Old fruit bins work great for transportation to compost areas

PLENTY of pallets or bins for storing your juice. The boxes are left open and spaced out to cool off overnight and can be closed and stacked after cooling. (see storage instructions <here>)

An open, level space approximately 50t x 50ft (15m x 15m) that is accessible with tractors, can handle lots of water discharge and maybe a few bits of fruit mash. See <here> for tips on site selection.

A certified potable water hookup in relatively close proximity (100ft) to the working area. Please provide your latest water tests before your juicing day.

Washroom facilities with hand washing stations for our employees.

Be prepared to go throughout the day without breaks. Once our machine is running, we maintain a continuous flow until all of the fruit has been juiced.  You can expect us to arrive early and leave late. Set up can take up to 45 minutes and clean up can take over 2 hours at the end of the day. We can process over 1500 L of juice/hr under ideal conditions and your assistance is required only during these times.

Storing Your Juice

We take great care in ensuring your products are properly processed and in good condition before we leave your site. Please continue to take care of the products before they meet the final consumer. Here are some tips:

  • We leave the boxes open to help the juice cool after pasteurization. Once the juice has cooled, please close the boxes properly before storing. See the instructional video here. This will prevent dust, debris or pests from contaminating the inside of the box and around the dispensing valve.
  •  The juice can be stored in a dark, cool, dry place, free from pests. Refrigeration is recommended, but DO NOT FREEZE THE JUICE. Freezing will damage the bags and the juice will go off quickly once thawed.
  •  We recommend storing Bag-in Box juice in unused picking bins that can then be stacked. Pallets are acceptable, but to maintain the integrity of the cardboard, do not stack the boxes more than 3 high, with pieces of flat cardboard in between the layers to add strength.
  •  Pouch packaging should be treated carefully as they can be punctured. Store in unused bins lined with cardboard to reduce puncturing. If you are planning to transport the Pouches or want a better storage solution, ask about our cardboard “shippers” for palletizing.

Frozen Fruit Thawing Instructions

  • We can process fruit that has been previously frozen. Please thaw the fruit carefully and ensure complete thaw before the processing date.
  • Thaw slowly at cool temperatures, no warmer than 4°C.
  • Packages or containers should be spread out to quicken thawing time.
  • If unsealed, use food safe containers or bins to catch juice as the product thaws.
  • Thawing may take several days, this should be taken into account when booking.
  • The fruit spoils quickly after thawing and should be processed as soon as possible. Mouldy fruit will be turned away.

Important Information

If you want to sell your juice in stores or at farmers markets, you may need approval from your local health authority. You may also need to meet specific labelling and testing requirements.

If you require a nutritional label or UPC code, we have some available for you to use.

Currently, mobile processors in Canada are not federally regulated, and therefore the products we make cannot be sold across provincial or international borders.

Please note that bookings for 3 or more days require a $500/day deposit. Changes and cancellations must be made at least 72 hour prior to the booking or the deposit will be lost.

We reserve the right to refuse processing rotten or dirty apples at anytime.  A minimum $500 charge will apply. 
Please contact us for more information or assistance.  250-­550-­8885 or [email protected]