Flexible packaging options
1.5L and 3L Pouch. 3L and 5L Bag-in-Box.

We pride ourselves on being flexible with your packaging needs and use only trusted suppliers to ensure proper preservation and presentation. Boxes are store-shelf ready with room for your personal labels.

Our standard design provides some necessary information, but we always leave room on the juice boxes for your personal labels and nutritional information if required.

The one-way valve prolongs the shelf life of the juice after opening for two months because no air enters the bag while pouring which can contaminate the juice. This makes larger formats more attractive as consumers have longer to consume them and they are more eco-friendly.

We can package about 1300L/hour and currently have 1.75L, 3L and 5L Bag-in-Box in stock. Bottling service is considerably more tedious, and we do not stock bottles or caps. Our bottling line can accommodate 0.75 – 2L size bottles and production time is reduced to approximately 500L/hr.